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Karijini National Park & the Pilbara

Explore some of Australia's prettiest Outback country in the North West


At over 505,000 square kilometres in size, the Pilbara in Western Australia is a land of endless adventure opportunities. From pristine coral reefs to deep canyons, the Pilbara's natural beauty invites to active exploring with a wide range of experiences available. While the Kimberley Region to its East is currently receiving massive exposure in the travel media, and tourist numbers are sky rocketing, the Pilbara is still very much overlooked by many travellers visiting Australia's Northwest. Now is the perfect time to visit- before the secret gets out!

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Significant Aspects of the Pilbara

  • One of the most diverse regions of Australia- from coral reefs, mountains & gorges to remote Outback
  • An arid tropical climate perfect for exploring in winter, autumn & spring
  • A rich indigenous heritage- over 31 language groups; Indigenous groups have inhabited the Pilbara for at least 30,000- 40,000 years
  • Today only approximately 15% of the population are indigenous; indigenous rangers are involved in managing the region's natural assets
  • The Pilbara's and Karijini National Park's landscapes are dominated by over two billion year old canyons and gorges, representing some of the Earth’s oldest rock formations
  • The region's ancient landscapes have formed over millions of years of the Earth's shifting, uplifting & folding under unimaginable pressures
  • The Ningaloo Reef to the West of the Pilbara is Australia’s and one of the world's largest fringing reefs
  • The region is known for its stunning wild flowers, many of them endemic to the Pilbara
  • The Pilbara has a population of around 66,000, that is only seven people per square kilometre
  • A large proportion of the population works in resources, often on a fly-in-fly-out basis
  • The Pilbara is known for its many mineral deposits, including iron ore, petroleum & natural gas
  • The region’s economy is largely supported by the resource sector which is in conflict with conservation & tourism activities
  • The Pilbara's colonisation was mainly based on pastoralism; cattle farming is still an important part of the local economy
  • Visitors can now stay overnight on many operating pastoral stations offering campgrounds and basic accommodation


Karijini national park

Karijini National Park is the Pilbara's most popular National Park. At 627,422 hectares in size it is the second largest National Park in Western Australia. The park is situated in the Hamerseley Ranges and is an adventurer's paradise. The rocky canyons and gorges of Karijini have formed over billions of years, and are perfect for hiking, swimming and canyoning. Unfortunately, many visitors get hurt every year while exploring the park- even though the right preparation and guidance can avoid accidents easily. Attractions in Karijini include: Dales Gorge, Hamerseley Gorge, Kalamina Gorge, Know Gorge, Joffre Gorge, Hancock Gorge, Weano Gorge and Mount Bruce. Karijini is a camping destination, however, accommodation is now also available at Karijini Eco Retreat.

Millstream- chichester national park

Millstream- Chichester National Park is situated North of Karijini. No less stunning than its neighbour, the park provides a very picturesque environment for four- wheel- driving, hiking, camping & swimming. The drive to and through the park is just breathtaking and very unique indeed. The Chichester Range towers over the surrounding landscape and provides great photo opportunities. The Fortescue River runs through the park and provides refreshing swimming opportunities. The park and its waterholes hold strong cultural significance to the local indigenous groups. Attractions at Millstream- Chichester National Park include: The Chichester Ranges, the Fortescue River and Millstream Creek, the historic Millstream Homestead, Deep Reach Pool, Python Pool and the Cameleers Track.

eighty mile beach marine park

Eighty Mile Beach Marine Park is a protected coastal zone covering almost 210,000 hectares of the remote north-west coast of Western Australia. It is in fact nearly 220 kilometres or 135 miles long. The beach extends as far as the eye can see, boasting white sand, an abundance of sea shells and red cliffs. Every stretch of the beach is different. Popular recreational activities include camping, beach combing and fishing. Eighty Mile Beach only has very few access points by road. The most visited access points are Pardoo, Cape Keraudren and Eighty Mile Beach Caravan Park. The Marine Park is managed in partnership with local indigenous groups.

red rock

Red Rock is situated on an active cattle station, and brings to mind a mini version of Uluru. The large rock stands tall in the middle of gentle green landscape, and lights up at sunset to provide great picture opportunities. The rock also showcases an unbelievable amount of intriguing indigenous rock engravings. No doubt this has once been a very active cultural landscape.

exmouth & the ningaloo Marine Park

Although technically not a part of the Pilbara, the Ningaloo Marine Park can be included in our extended private Pilbara Tours. It can be accessed via Exmouth, and has achieved World Heritage status in 2011. The Ningaloo Reef fringes the Ningaloo Coast for about 260 kilometres, and is Australia's largest fringing reef. The Marine Park is one of the most biologically diverse marine environments in the world, with over 250 species of coral and over 500 species of fish. It showcases a pristine coral reef where you can observe turtles, tropical fish, manta rays and humpback whales. The park has also become a very popular destination to witness the elusive whale sharks, as they reliably congregate here like nowhere else.


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