6 Day Karijini Tours


Discover many highlights of the Pilbara in Western Australia, including Karijini National Park's spectacular Gorges, Eighty Mile Beach Marine Park and Millstream- Chichester National Park on this 6 Day Karijini Tour. This tour is an active adventure, conveniently departing from and returning to Broome. Also available as private tour.

Our Karijini Tours are perfect for small groups and families with limited holiday time- Make the most of your time away on this fully guided tour: Hike, swim, explore ancient indigenous rock engravings, experience authentic Australian Outback Station Stays & camping. Please contact us for dates & prices. Scroll down for tour itinerary.


What's Included

  • Luxury 4WD Adventure

  • Professional guide with many years of experience

  • Quality duty of care & local interpretation

  • All National Park & Camping Fees

  • Healthy catering with freshly prepared meals

  • Snacks incl. fresh fruit; water, juice & cordial

  • Tour planning, customisation & preparation

  • Comfortable Camping Option


Why Karijini Tours?

We have decades of experience designing tour programs and leading tour groups in Northern & Western Australia. Our qualified professional and personable guides ensure you stay safe, entertained and informed during your Pilbara Tour. Don't have the time to spend weeks preparing an Australian Outback trip? Unsure of the equipment & vehicle necessary to tackle the sometimes challenging off road tracks? Unsure where to go? Why not leave all the hard work to us, while you simply hop on board and enjoy the adventure? We know all the best spots, and we can tailor the perfect Pilabara & Karijini Tour for your needs. Find out more about us here.


What to Bring

  • Soft Travel Bag of up to 10kg per person

  • 1x small backpack for hikes and day activities

  • Refillable water bottle, at least 1.5L per person

  • Light long sleeved shirts for sun prorection

  • Light long trousers or shorts

  • (Cross-) Trainers suitable to walk on rocky terrain and slippery surfaces

  • Swimming gear incl. travel towel

  • Toiletries, sunscreen, insect repellent, lip balm

  • Headlamp

  • Battery pack, camera

A more detailed packing list will be provided upon booking.

Price- POA


Tour Itinerary

Day 1

depart Broome, Eighty Mile Beach, outback Station Stay, Red Rock, engravings

Your adventure begins this morning as we pick you up from your accommodation at 7am. Our first stop this morning is the beautiful Eighty Mile Beach marine park. Enjoy the white sand and turquoise waters of the beach- there is no better way to stretch the legs! After some mid- morning snacks, we continue our drive and stop for your first healthy Charter North lunch at pretty De Grey River.  We then continue our way south to tonight’s station stay. The station managers have been living here for over 60 years, and have a wealth of knowledge about the Pilbara’s farming history. After having a look at the station homestead, which displays a myriad of relics from the past, we set up camp and head to Red rock for our sunset expedition. Red Rock is a sort of mini Uluru, and although little known, a spectacular sight especially at sunset. We climb Red Rock for 360 degree views of the surrounding Outback countryside. Admire indigenous rock engravings while walking around and over the rock, which was used as a cultural site by local indigenous groups up until recent times. As the sun sets, the rock lights up and you will be able to snap your perfect sunset pic. We also have the opportunity for a swim in the nearby river. After an active afternoon, we return to camp for your first relaxing campfire dinner under the stars.

Overnight: Station Stay (full facilities)

Meals included: Lunch, Dinner

Day 2

Karijini NP, Dales Gorge, fortescue falls, fern pool, circular pool

This morning, enjoy your first healthy camp breakfast with real espresso coffee. After breaking camp, we head to Karijini National Park for our first day of hiking and swimming at the park’s popular gorges. The drive along to highway to the park is very scenic; you will get a first impression of the ancient yet green landscape of the Pilbara. Upon arrival at Karijini, we head straight to our campsite at Dales Gorge. We set up and immediately prepare for our Dales Gorge expedition, which will fill the remainder of our day with active adventure. With plenty of time to explore Dales, we embark on our hike along the top of the gorge. Enjoy amazing views of the gorge which was carved out by water over billions of years. Extreme pressures, shifting and uplifting of the surrounding rock country and erosion have formed these unique local landscapes. The contrasting colours of the gorge’s red cliffs and the lush greenery that grows on top of the gorge are typical for Karijini, and make the scenery here outstanding.

We climb into the gorge to have a closer look at what we have seen from the top. After an opportunity for a swim at pretty Fern Pool and a picknick lunch, we start our walk past Fortescue Falls and onto circular Pool at the western side of Dales Gorge. The walk through the gorge is very peaceful, and it is moderately challenging in parts- a great preparation for tomorrow’s more adventurous expedition. After plenty of hiking, swimming and exploring, we return to camp ready for another delicious wholesome campfire meal.

Overnight: Dales campground (toilets)

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 3

Weano Gorge, Hancock Gorge, Joffre Gorge

This morning after breakfast, we head to the visitor centre to learn about the park’s history, geology and the indigenous custodians of the area. This is a great overview of the park and there is plenty to see and learn. We then take the 4WD only road of Karijini to reach the western part of the park. We set up camp at the Karijini Eco Lodge. From here it’s a short drive to Hancock and Weano Gorges; which we will spend all morning and part of the afternoon exploring. The walks in these two gorges are quite short in distance; however, they are challenging and need to be treated with care. Some rock hoping, wading through water, navigating of narrow chasms and over some slippery sections are all part of the adventure. Listen closely to your guide’s instructions and you will have a great time tackling this challenge. After our exploration of Weano and Hancock, we walk to a great lookout point to see the area from above.

Now it is time to return to camp. If you still have some energy left, you can walk from our camp straight to Joffre Gorge, where you can admire another spectacular Karijini Gorge from a lookout point. This walk is particularly nice in the late afternoon. After an activity filled day, you are free to get a drink at the lodge’s bar, or relax around the camp and let us cook another delicious dinner for you.

Overnight: Karijini Eco Lodge (full facilities)

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 4

Hamerseley Gorge, Millstream- Chichester National Park

This morning we rise early and drive straight to Hamersley Gorge. It is only a short walk down to the stunning pool, which is perfect for a morning swim and some great photography while the sun is still low over the gorge. Hamersley gorge’s geology, again, is very impressive and quite different to Karijini’s other gorges. Here, folds in the gorge walls have formed like waves, and natures extreme forces become very evident again. The water flowing through the gorge travels along several sets of cascades and pools. From the bottom pool, you can swim further into the gorge.

After our morning exploration of Hamerseley, we say our farewells to Karijini and enter the next chapter of our tour: Millstream Chichester National Park. This is one of the lesser known attractions of the Pilbara- but no less picturesque! The drive through the park is unsealed and extremely scenic:  mountain ranges, open plains, green rolling hills and lush greenery are all part of the attraction. This is real Australian Outback country! Enjoy lunch and perhaps a swim at Deep Reach, before continuing on our scenic drive through the northern part of the park. Stop at several lookout points with endless opportunities for photography or simply sit back and soak in the scenery. Tonight, we set up camp just north of the park. Our camp is a real bush camp- far away from anyone and anything! Sit back, relax, enjoy the endless sky and stargaze around the camp fire.

Overnight: Under the stars- bush camp

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 5

Python pool, Camel Trail, Port Headland, Pardoo Station

Enjoy the serenity of our bush camp over breakfast, before backtracking a short way into Chichester National Park. Start the day with hike up the Camel Trail to enjoy views of the surrounding countryside. Keep an eye out for one of the many geckos that live on the hill and like to warm up on the rocks early in the morning. After descending back down, go on to Python pool- a small secluded pool surrounded by high cliffs on one and a beach on the other side. This is the perfect spot for an invigorating morning swim.

Our next stop is Port Headland, one of Australia’s oldest resource towns. We have a look around town and the port with the opportunity to grab a second coffee. We then continue our drive further west to Whim Creek for lunch. Our final destination today is Pardoo Station. Pardoo Station is a working cattle station which welcomes visitors to its campground. The best thing about Pardoo is their access to Eighty Mile Beach marine park. After setting up camp, we head to the beach for sunset and some sunset nibbles. Back at camp, you are free to head to the showers or the pool while we prepare another healthy dinner for you.

Overnight: Pardoo Station (full facilities, pool)

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 6

Sandfire Roadhouse, Eighty Mile Beach, Broome

This morning, enjoy a relaxed breakfast around camp and perhaps another swim in the station’s pool. After our action filled program, it is now time to begin our journey back to Broome. Along the way, we stop at Sandfire Roadhouse to say G’Day to the resident ostriches, geese, camel and T-Bone the bull. We then head, once again, to 80 mile beach for an ocean side lunch. 80 mile beach, in reality, is 136 miles long, and every stretch of the beach is a little different. Eighty Mile Beach also boasts one of the nation’s finest array of shells thanks to the huge population of molluscs inhabiting the sand and mud flats. You are free to take a few shells home with you as a souvenir. After lunch, we continue our drive to Broome- a great opportunity to reflect on your Charter North Pilbara adventure. Upon arrival in Broome, we give you a tour of the township and drop you off at your pre booked accommodation.

Overnight: Your Broome accommodation

Breakfast, Lunch


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