Terms & Conditions



The operator and/or its employees and agents accept no responsibilities, nor is the operator liable for any act of omission whatsoever (whether inside or outside their control or by neglect or otherwise) for any booking, contract, travel, accommodation or tours which may result in any loss, damage, accident, detention, diversion or theft in regard to luggage or personal belongings, and will be exempt from liability in respect of direct or indirect or consequential loss or damage, death, injury, sickness, irregularity, delay liability and additional expenses, or inconvenience or any other event beyond its control including accident or failure to machinery or equipment, accommodation, transportation or other services, or any acts of God, dangers incident to the outback, fire, acts of government, acts of war or other authorities, delays, strikes or cancellation of itinerary or schedule changes whatsoever, howsoever by whosoever caused.

Booking Conditions

Upon the booking of a tour and payment of the deposit, the client agrees to these terms and conditions: A minimum deposit of 20% of the tour cost must be paid within 7 days from the date of the client booking a tour. The balance of the tour cost must be paid no later than 60 days prior to departure of the tour. If the above payment terms are not met, the client risks forfeiting their tour booking. The company (Charter North Pty Ltd) reserves the right to cancel the client booking in accordance with the following cancellation procedure if the above terms and conditions are not met. All tour bookings will be confirmed once full payment is received. A tax statement will be raised and forwarded as confirmation of such booking.

Cancellation Policy

Upon cancellation the following fees apply:  A cancellation fee equivalent to 20% of the total tour cost will apply for cancellations more than 90 days from tour departure date.  A cancellation fee equivalent to 50% of the total tour cost for cancellations 89 – 60 days prior to tour departure date. For cancellations within 59 days or less of the tour departure date, no refunds will be issued. The above cancellation fees are charged at the company’s absolute discretion, but can be waived under special circumstances in arrangement with the company. No refund will be issued upon failure to join the tour or if a choice is made to depart the tour, for whatever reason before the scheduled completion of the tour. Exceptions can be made in the case where an agreement has been sought with the company at least 14 days prior to the tour departure. Please note that, in case of a tour cancellation by the customer, refunds for any add on products, such as accommodation and scenic flights, will be issued according to the product providers’ terms & conditions.

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend the purchasing of comprehensive travel insurance at the time of booking your tour. Travel insurance should cover against illness, injury, loss or damage to personal belongings or baggage, inability to travel on the confirmed departure date, medical expenses and tour cancellation.


Children under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult; it is also advisable to consult Charter North regarding the conditions and opportunities for children under the age of 6 years.

General Exclusion of Liability

Whilst Charter North will take all reasonable steps to provide a safe and enjoyable experience, it accepts no liability for any loss or personal injury. All Charter North clients should accept that some tours include activities such as hiking and swimming and that they participate at their own risk. The Insurance Provider does not cover Liability in respect of Personal Injury to any Person where such Personal Injury occurs directly or indirectly out of, or caused by, or in connection with any adventure activity. Adventure activities include, but are not limited to; rock climbing horse riding air and water based activities (boating, canoeing, fixed wing and chopper flights, or any other similar activity.

Some tours will include optional tour activities, e.g. helicopter flights and boat cruises which are not under the control of Charter North. Whilst all reasonable care is taken in selecting the respective operators, Charter North cannot accept responsibility for that operator’s conduct, or the conduct of or any resulting consequences of their respective employees.

Charter North will provide appropriate care of, but takes no responsibility for the loss or damage to personal belongings or baggage.

Itinerary Conditions

Charter North reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule a tour if group numbers are insufficient. A minimum of four passengers is necessary to confirm mixed group departures. Any financial reimbursement entitlements under these circumstances will be administered accordingly. As unexpected mechanical breakdowns or the uncertainties of weather and road conditions or other factors out of Charter North’s control, the company reserves the right to alter the route or itinerary of any of its tours. If program delays are experienced through difficult road conditions, mechanical failures or other unforeseen circumstances, consultation may occur with participants to determine if the tour should continue as planned or alternatively be altered or shortened to suite the group under such circumstances. No refunds will be given in these circumstances. In the case of a serious breakdown which prevents the tour from continuing, Charter North will make every attempt to make arrangements with another reputable tour operator to complete the tour on its behalf. Should such arrangements not be possible Charter North will arrange for transport to the nearest major town and after deducting the cost of such transport, refund the tour cost on a pro-rata basis. Any costs incurred by a client as a result of a delay on any tour, including failure to make connections with any other service, are the responsibility of the client. If in the event of extreme conditions such as flooding, acts of nature etc being encountered, and in the interests of client safety the tour is abandoned, an alternative date and/or destination may be offered. A refund under these circumstances and the amount will be at the discretion of Charter North.

Charter North requires all clients to follow tour guidelines and protocols while reserving the right to discuss with, and if needed, disembark at the nearest available and safe opportunity, any client who acts in a manner that is either disrespectful to or endangers others or themselves through disruptive or abusive behavior. There will be no refund entitlements under these circumstances.

Digital Media

Charter North tour participants agree that any digital media taken on tour, including photography & video, might be used in Charter North’s advertising material such as website, social media, online agent tour listings or print media. Media will be used for this purpose only, not for any other commercial use.